Warrior Trading Review: In Depth & Detailed

Warrior Trading is a trading and investing community founded in 2012 by Ross Cameron. When Ross originally founded Warrior Trading it was designed as a blog where he could journal his experiences learning to trade. Early on Ross began adding educational content to the site and found that lots of traders were interested in learning more about his momentum day trading strategies and trading techniques. Ross formed a day trading chat room where traders of all skill levels could connect and exchange ideas and techniques. Today Warrior Trading is home to over 2000 active traders and investors. Warrior Trading has grown to the largest day trading chat room and continues to grow each month.

In addition to offering a day trading chat room, Warrior Trading runs Day Trading and Swing Trading Courses. These courses range from 15 chapters and 30hrs of content to over 1 year 3x weekly mentoring with prices from $1799 to $4999. These classes are extremely well reviewed by former students, including a survey of 100 recent course students that showed 80% profitably trading the markets since completing the classes.

Why should you choose Warrior Trading?

Something all new traders will quickly realize is that there are a plethora of chat rooms, trading courses, and trading tools. How do you differentiate the good and the bad? Truth be told, the stock trading industry has been inundated with sites that trade pump penny stocks. These sites give the whole industry a bad name. The industry also has more than its fair share of under-qualified trading instructors. Like many educational programs in other markets (music, acting/theater, website design, SEO), there are people looking to hop on the bandwagon of selling services even though they really have no qualifications. On the one hand, even the best actors needed to learn from an acting teacher. If that teacher was really a good actor, he/she probably wouldnĂ­t have been a teacher. But that doesn't necessarily mean he/she can't be a good teacher. There is a difference between being good at something, and being a good teacher. And I don't think you need to be the best at something in order to be a good teacher. Having said that, most people prefer to learn from somebody who is truly qualified and verified. For that reason, Warrior Trading has offered verification of Ross's success.

Verified Trading Results

In 2016 Ross took part in 2 verified competitions. The first competition was to see how quickly he could grow a small account in 1 month and the second was to see how quickly he could grow a larger account in 1 month. In the first challenge Ross started with a $1k starting balance. During this challenge he was trading the Momentum Day Trading Strategies taught in the day trading courses. He traded 2hrs/day and generated over $7500 in profits for a 750% gain in 1 month. This was an impressive feat that many traders had suspected would be nearly impossible. Ross verified the challenge with Broker Statements and Trading Reports.

During the second challenge Ross took a slightly different approach. He traded a $50k Speedtrader account and generated $34k in 1 month for a quick 70% gain. While the % gains were certainly much lower than during the $1000 trading account challenge, the trading metrics were very similar. Accuracy was consistently between 65-70%, with profit loss ratios of 1.4:1 to 2:1. Upon completing this challenge Ross again posted broker statements and trading reports. During both challenges Ross traded only 2hrs per day. His focus was trading momentum with his Momentum Day Trading Strategy. This is the same strategy taught in the classes and traded by thousands of traders worldwide.

Fantasy Stock Traders Simulator

Another feature that sets Warrior Trading apart is that they offer a real-time trading simulator. This simulator allows students in the day trading course to practice trading the strategies they are learning. Ross will be the first to admit that learning to trade can be a bumpy road. Losses are inevitable and making mistakes is part of learning. For this reason, why not get some of the mistakes out of your way by trading In a simulator? Warrior Trading partnered with Fantasy Stock Traders to provide their students the best possible trading simulator experience. The simulator includes real-time level 2, time & sales, charting, and an interactive leaderboard. The leaderboard allow students to check up on their classmates and see which stocks they are trading. The leaderboard also allows the Warrior Trading instructors to login and check the performance of their students. Three times a week in the Warrior Trading Mentor Sessions students benefit from having their trades critiqued by Ross, Mike, Ed, or Jeff. This is an invaluable experience for any beginner.

Warrior Trading Review

Whether you are looking for a day trading chat room to exchange trade ideas, or you are interested in joining one a day trading courses, Warrior Trading is the best place to be. You will find educators who are extremely talented both as teachers, and independent traders. You will also find a community of 2000+ active traders, many of whom are professional traders. While earning to make a living in the market is one of the most difficult endeavors, Warrior Trading makes it that much easier by offering the tools, the community, and the classes. If you are interested in learning about Day Trading, Warrior Trading is the place to be.